Artistic Philosophy

Born and raised in central Massachusetts, I have over ten years of experience behind the camera and took multiple art courses during my studies at Quinsigamond Community College and Worcester States University. I try to bring my camera with me everywhere I can, and often find myself capturing quiet moments of everyday New England life. I am particularly attracted to wildlife and agriculture, and photos reflecting the connections between animals and humans.

I also enjoy collaborating with models to make fantastic visions come to life, finding great inspiration in the works of Gregory Crewdson, Cindy Sherman, and Katerina Plotnikova. I especially enjoy self-photography as both an artistic and cathartic experience. During this process, I draw on my background in theater and literature to create and take on new personas and characters.

The main intent in all of my art photography is to capture a sense of wonder and curiosity that will cause the viewer’s imagination to take flight. In addition to photography, I also enjoy painting (watercolor and acrylic) and sketching.